Business Marketing, Publicity & Campaign Advertising

Flying Ink Media can design long-term and/or short-term marketing solutions that include print, radio, television, social networking, and web site messages.

Our services include publicity word-craft, assembling unique news-worthy themes for mass distribution to essential media outlets and online web sites and blogs.

We don’t just maintain connections between businesses and their current customers, but create information streams to new markets.  With more than 20 years of experience working with business clients, music venues, & festivals in Eugene, Oregon, we thoroughly understand the natural business rhythms of the area. 

Our experience means that resource will be applied for maximum effect.

Flying Ink Media maintains long-term relationships with all our clients.  We don't generate  and advocate cookie-cutter campaigns.

Our marketing services include professional Graphic Design of pamphlets, business logos, t-shirt, flyers, web buttons, business cards, and signage.

We work with the brand, the core values and the expectations of each client. We live in our shared community.  Our business clients are our neighbors…..our friends.

Venue, Festival and Band Marketing & Publicity Services

Flying Ink Media provides professional band / tour marketing services, which can include mass media press release distribution per date per tour; band biography / history generation (utilizing phone interviews and/or online form generation for data acquisition); press release creation; radio contact for tour interviews; tour language specification (for example, unique language such as Spring Shine Tour or other specific language identifying band with tour); web site maintenance; and timely contact with venue publicist, if any, to assure that all elements of band marketing is expressed correctly at each venue for each date.

Flying Ink Media can either perform as the Publicist of Record, based on an annual contract, or as the tour publicist for any amount of time.

Our services include graphic design of unique and exciting tour poster / print advertising mattes, radio and television scripts, and flyer design specific to a tour or single concert date.


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